Dreams with a deadline – Katarzyna Kaźmierczak!

A woman of success! Self-employment, entrepreneurship and creating your own business in Livioon – its history reaches the stars!

Exactly a year ago, during a common trip to Hungary with friends, she decided to start a business relationship with Livioon. Marzena and Sławek Oglęccy opened the door for her to the world of dreams, which is an additional income for the whole family.

She came up to the beginning of the adventure: duplication of leaders, motivation and dreams with a deadline took her to the top. Within two months of starting cooperation, she received the Manager cup of 22%, and in October she celebrated her successes at Holidays Palm Tree expedition together with other Leaders. On her birthday, she picked up the keys to the Livioon’s white Mercedes! And its structure has over 400 people from several European countries. International support and a development plan is a surefire success. Privately, Kasia is the owner of a beauty studio, wife, mother and cat lover.

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