Although the weather does not indicate this at all, the hottest period of the year has began – the carnival. A time of colourful parties, elegant balls and good fun. No wonder, on this occasion, we want to look good! How to make our skin look beautiful at carnival dances and in the pictures? It’s easy!

We will start from the beggining, as usual. So, we eat a lot of vegetables, drink a lot of water and move every day! Just a short walk will help us oxygenate our skin, water will moisturize it properly, and fresh vegetables will provide essential vitamins and bioelements. Vitamin C supplementation will also work perfectly – thanks to it, the skin will be luminous and smooth. Vitamin C has an additional advantage, which may be priceless at the carnival. If you drink too much wine at the party, a shot of vitamin C will put you on your feet in the morning!

Smooth, soft and… photogenic

Everybody knows that well-moisturized, glowy and smooth skin looks beautiful in pictures. So make sure that for a few days before the carnival party, you are going to use peeling on your whole face and body. Thanks to this, dresses or blouses with open arms or cleavage, will make a stunning impression, and makeup will look flawless.

Remember to use two separate products for face and body peeling! Our skin is delicate and requires special treatment, while the skin of the body is willing to be exfoliated a little more. Our proposition is an enzymatic peeling, which cleanses the skin very gently without rubbing it. Its super power is smoothing – after one use you will see how soft your skin will become! Livioon enzymatic peeling contains papain, which exfoliates and wonderfully illuminates, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and rejuvenating vitamin C. Perform it every 3-4 days to feel the real difference.

DIY winter coffee body peeling

You can make a delicious and effective body peeling at home. Take 3-4 tablespoons of brewed coffee grounds, a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil (the one that smells like a Caribbean dream – oil without coconut scent has been refined and purified) and two spoons of liquid honey. You can also heat the crystallised honey and oil in warm water, then both ingredients will be combined perfectly with coffee. Add a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of ginger and a homemade peeling is ready!

Deep moisturization

Your skin needs something else to be happy – an injection of nutrients. After peeling, your skin is perfectly prepared for absorption of active ingredients, which you will provide to it in a cream or lotion. So make sure that you apply only the best and most effective cosmetics.

After peeling, on still damp skin, apply the Body Cream with hemp oil and macadamia butter. Rub it in gently with using massaging motions. This will help in rebuilding the skin barrier, deeply moisturize, tighten and brighten your skin up. Choose the scent, that suits your mood the best: sweet vanilla, refreshing rhubarb or aromatic oud.

Depending on the time of day, apply the chosen cream to your face, without forgetting the area under your eyes. Perform gentle patting movements from the jaw line to the centre of the face and upwards. Not only it is very pleasant, but it will also stimulate the lymphatic system and make the cream absorb faster.

cosmetic contains nourishing vitamins such as vitamin C and E. It has a great rejuvenating effect! By the way, it will protect your skin from the negative effects of makeup products, which you probably won’t spare when you’re preparing for a carnival party. Reach for the Face Cream line from Livioon – day, night and under the eyes.

A catwalk hairstyle

When your skin looks stunning, it’s time for the final touch – a great haircut. You’ve got three steps to take, but take it easy! It’ll be a pleasure.

First of all, clean your scalp and hair well from impurities and cosmetic debris. Choose a mild but effective shampoo, enriched with keratin or argan oil.

Secondly, apply a nourishing and restorative conditioner to towel-dry hair for at least 10 minutes. This will keep your hair smooth, soft, shiny and healthy! We recommend the Conditioner with keratin complex, especially for dry and brittle hair, and the Conditioner with argan oil – if you will be styling your hair using heat. It contains wheat proteins, natural oils and vitamin, which means that it perfectly protect your hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures.

Thirdly, style your hair like a master! It doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you provide adequate support. A well-targeted styling product will make it easier for you, to style your hair and keep it in shape for a long time. But first… choose your hairstyle! Even if you’re not a champion hairdresser, you’ll find lots of videos on YouTube showing step by step, how to get the effect you want. But we recommend you to test your skills a few days before the event, rather than just before you leave the house.

Snow white touch

Unless you’re going to stand with an offended face in all the pictures, you’ll need… a white smile. That’s why, at the end, we recommend Black toothpaste, which will beautifully brighten your teeth and strengthen your gums. Use it for daily oral care. Additionally, for a snow-white effect, choose lipsticks with a cool tone. Carmine red, party purple or intense fuchsia will visually whiten your smile, while beiges, browns, brick reds and warm roses will unnecessarily emphasize the yellow color of enamel.

Don’t forget one more thing: good mood! Before going out to the party, turn on your favourite music, spray your neck and wrists with beautiful perfume, use a shiny body mist. And then fix the crown and slide on – The Ball Queen title is waiting for you!

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