The less effort you need to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, the more willing you will be to stick to them. So, the first strategy to effectively achieve your goals is simple, obvious action – and the second is even more enjoyable to use! We have another way for you to make sure that your resolutions will not only last until February, but… this time they come true! We promise you’ll like it.

When you think about your 2020 resolutions, how do you feel? Are you excited, happy and can’t wait to reach them? That’s perfect – our vision, big or small, should be set in a positive way, beacause we are taking motivation and energy to act from it.

There’s only one “but”. If you’ve decided to change your eating style and lose weight, no wonder that you’re happy when you will see your new sleek figure. Unfortunately, in order to achieve it, you have to take a number of different steps, which… are less enjoyable. Just think: is your heart starting to beat faster when you think about going to the gym? Does it make you feel like you’re giving up sweets? We’re beting that, no.

We’ll tell you another secret of our brain: it doesn’t like unpleasant and uncomfortable actions. And if you make such an unpleasant decision, at first a strong will will push you to do it. But when it burns out, your brain will think that it is wasting its energy on doing something that doesn’t give fun! Yes, we know that giving up certain activities is something completely natural and conditioned by biology. Can you remedy that?

Learn a second strategy for achieving your goals:

„Let the actions leading to implementation be pleasant”!

In practice, this means that we are looking for small tricks and ways to make things a little more pleasant. A reward system, a relaxing ritual related to the performance of a given activity or a combination of an uncool and a cool activity will give surprising results!

The more pleasant, the better

So that there is no understatement: we know that eating sweets and lying upside down are very pleasant tasks, but as long as they do not bring you closer to your goal, we do not mean them. The question you should ask yourself is: what can I do to make Action X give me more fun and satisfaction?

Let’s go back to the example from the last article on the Livioon blog. You have a decision to eat healthy and lose 7 kilos in 2020. You decide that the first step is to give up dessert. We already know that you will replace sweets with a Livioon VITA cocktail. Then what should you do to make it more enjoyable?

  • Choose the VITA’s flavour you like more: chocolate or white chocolate. Remember, the more delicious, the better!
  • Sip the cocktail from its original packaging into a beautiful cup that will delight your eyes while standing on the kitchen counter.
  • Instead of a traditional shaker, choose one that will delight your eyes or decorate your old shaker. Glitter? Twisted colored straws? Pink pottery? I’m sure you’ll find something to make drinking fun of.
  • To make your VITA shake even more delicious, add some tasty extras. Natural yoghurt, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple or other fresh fruit will be perfect. How about a spoon full of natural honey? How about a handful of your favorite nuts? You can serve this dessert in a nice bowl and enjoy a unique, healthy snack.
  • And if you manage to keep your resolution for the first week, do something nice for yourself! Go to the cinema, to a massage or to a restaurant (for a fit meal, of course), take a long bath with foam, buy a new nail polish… You know how to reward yourself. Let the road to the goal be paved with such stops – this is really important.

Luckily, Livioon VITA Shake itself gives a lot of pleasure, so it is simple. It’s a tasty, full-fledged dietary supplement, which makes healthy eating easy. What’s more, you can reach for VITA even if you have completely different New Year’s resolutions ?. Depending on your goal, then choose the right actions to make your route to the top enjoyable. The effect is guaranteed!

Read more on www.vita-shake.com

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